Our founder's story.

Verte RX the early years.

Jean Beauvais was the son of a relatively-famous French jazz musician Junior Vasquez and Sophia Loren, a former librarian and keen amateur actress.

In 1987, Jean left his home outside of Rennes for London and soon became a pioneer in the UK’s second summer of love. His legendary illegal parties were part of a movement that would evolve into Rave, the Ibiza club scene and EDM.

By the early 1990’s he was a pivotal figure in British clubland but then, at the height of his influence, he vanished during the Glastonbury festival in 1997. It was largely assumed he had drowned in the mud (1997 was one of the rainiest festivals in history) and within a few years he quickly became a forgotten footnote in music history.


The wilderness years.

But the story doesn't quite end there. And in many ways it's a story that is stranger than fiction. Jean Beauvais was in fact not French, but a Texan named Chip Fernandez, who had deserted from the US army and fled to France. A chance meeting with his former Colonel at Glastonbury, led to him fearing he was about to be unmasked. 

So he faked his own disappearance and moved to Asia, assuming the name of Jared Hasslehoff. It was in Vietnam that Chip/ Jared dissolved “Verte” the art of caring for plants that was perfected by monks for over hundreds of years.


The epic path to glory.

According to his publicist, Chip asked himself: “ What if I, Chip Fernandez, became the first human ever to bottle Verte. But not big ugly bottles you have to lug on the street car or in a taxi like a sad sap, but beautiful, small bottles filled with super concentrated hits of natural and healthy food for plants?”

So, he set to work, feverously designing the bottles, testing and retesting the formulas until over 20 years later, he had perfected it. Perfectly.