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Let's Propagate | Plant Supplements

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Let’s Propagate is an all-in-one propagation beast. And unlike, pretty much other propagation powders

you don’t have to buy additional fertilizers to use with it.

Product Description

- Causes roots to grow thicker and faster

- Creates tighter nodule spacing

- Increases overall starting growth productions

- Works 3 x better than generic rooting powder

- This 2oz bottle once diluted will make a total of 30 litres

How to Use

Place clippings in the diluted solution until rooting is sufficient ( generally 2-3 weeks). Once rooted, use every other week in place of watering. 

Super Concentrated - Mix 5ml per litre of water for rooted plants, 2ml per litre for unrooted.

Warning: Do not ingest. ( You should know this by now)


Phosphate 3%, Soluabe Potash 2%, derived from Potassium.

"Causes roots to grow thicker and faster."