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Shiny Leaves | Plant Supplements

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We made this because the quality of Neem Oil sucks now that it’s sold all over Amazon. And let’s get real here and say that this is 1000x times better than Neem oil anyway because it doesn’t stink.

Product Description

- Removes dust from leaves so sunshine gets into them for photosynthesis 

- Triple refined mineral oil

- Kills bugs super good – thripes, mites, aphids, and everything. 

- Just makes them pretty

- 2oz bottle once diluted makes a total of 6 liters

How to Use

Mix 10ml into a 1 litre spray bottle filled with water, or mix into 1 litre of water and transfer to a smaller spray bottle if that’s all ya got. Spray on the leaves and gently wipe with a soft cloth.

After applying, keep plant out of the sun until the solution is fully dry otherwise you will scorch the leaves


Warning: Do not ingest, store in a cool dark place -a basement cupboard or dungeon. Keep tightly sealed.


100% Triple Refined Scissor Oil. 

"Removes dust from leaves so sunshine gets into them for photosynthesis."

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