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Vitamins | Plant Supplements

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We’ve specially formulated this so you can use it two ways: applying it to the soil or spray onto leaves.

The leaf spray is good for stressed-out plants because the nutrients will hit them quickly and they will absorb them quicker. Soil application is good for a non-traumatic repotting of a plant. 

Product Description

- Good for getting roots going, general vigour inside and out

- Great to for chemically balance and even, bolder foliage colouring

- Easing the shock of transplanting into a new pot, increase the growth of fibrous roots

- Use in Leca propagation and you’ll see roots come in way quicker than if you just used water

- This 2oz bottle once diluted will make a total of 12 litres

How to Use

Spray top and bottom of leaves weekly. Or you can mix it with water instead of regular water on your normal watering schedule. Shake the bottle well before each use.

Super Concentrated - Mix .23ml of concentrate per litre of water.

Warning:  May cause skin irratation. Rinse well if concentrate comes in contact with skin or eyes. Do not ingest. Keep out of reach of children.


0.5-0-0, Guaranteed Analysis: Total Nitrogen (N) (0.5%), 0.4% Water Soluble Nitrogen, 0.1% Water Insoluble Nitrogen. Derived from Kelp


"Good for getting roots going, general vigour inside and out"

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